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Dr. Saket Bhatia has is a top rated vastu expert in Bay Area and USA. He is a Board Member at the International Association of Vedic Astrology & Numerology. He is also a PhD in Astrology and certified Numerologist. He is a rare vastu expert who can combine astrology and numerology for vastu accuracy to improve your life and get you success.
Saket has helped guide 12,000 clients through life’s challenges for over 25 years. Select clients include Smriti Irani, Akshay Kumar, Vidya Balan, Kajol, Kartik Aryan, CEO’s & politicians. He specializes in career, health, finance, business, relationship, compatibility, family, children, immigration & more. The Astrologer Saket Bhatia radio show is heard by over 1 Million listeners throughout USA weekly .


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Get accurate predictions from America’s leading vastu specialist Dr. Saket Bhatia PhD. Book a one to one conversation with Dr. Saket Bhatia to improve your home, commercial or other property including the remedies for your problem that will help make better life decisions.

Having guided thousands of clients, Dr. Saket Bhatia’s vastu services are highly sought after in the bay area. He offers precise life revelations along with accurate analysis and accurate insights about all major aspects of your life. Choose the duration that suits you best – $500 for 1 hour and increments thereof. On-site consultations require travel and are charged minimum of 3 hours. Appointments are in person or virtual (Telephone, Zoom).

Following your booking, our office will reach out to coordinate a convenient date and time for your personalized session.

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Top Rated Vastu ExpertBay Area Vastu Expert Dr. Saket Bhatia

Accurate Guidance & Prediction

As a top-rated Vastu specialist in Bay Area & USA, I bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to guide individuals and businesses in creating spaces that resonate with positive energy and balance.

With a proven track record of helping clients achieve harmony in their living and working environments, I offer meticulous Vastu consultations tailored to each unique situation.

My approach combines the wisdom of traditional Vastu principles with a contemporary understanding of design and lifestyle. Whether you are seeking to enhance the tranquility of your home, foster success in your business, or address specific Vastu challenges, my services are designed to empower you on your journey to a more balanced and prosperous life.

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Vastu Expert Dr. Saket Bhatia

I am a top rated  Vastu expert in Bay Area & USA, skilled and well-versed in the ancient Indian science of Vastu Shastra, which involves the art and science of harmonizing architectural and environmental elements to create balanced and positive living or working spaces. As a Vastu expert, I possess a deep understanding of the intricate principles of Vastu, encompassing spatial geometry, directional alignments, and the influence of natural elements.

As your Vastu expert, I offer guidance on the optimal layout, design, and placement of structures, rooms, and objects to enhance the flow of positive energy and mitigate negative influences. My expertise extends to advising on construction and renovation projects, as well as suggesting remedies to address existing Vastu imbalances. I help you achieve physical, mental, and spiritual well-being through the alignment of their surroundings with ancient principles of cosmic harmony.

USA & Bay Area Vastu expert Dr. Saket applies his expertise in residential, commercial, and institutional settings, aiming to improve well-being, prosperity, and spiritual harmony. His role involves assessing the alignment of buildings with natural forces, recommending specific orientations, and providing remedies to address existing Vastu imbalances. Through a holistic approach, I contribute to the creation of spaces that resonate with positive vibrations and support the physical, mental, and spiritual aspects of life.

Vastu Services

I cater to a diverse range of clients seeking to improve the harmony and positive energy in their living or working spaces in Bay area and USA. Some of my common clients for Vastu  include:

  1. Vastu Consultation: Conducting detailed assessments of residential, commercial, or institutional spaces to provide personalized advice on Vastu principles.
  2. Space Planning and Design: Offering recommendations for optimal room placements, building orientation, and interior design to align with Vastu guidelines.
  3. Site Selection Guidance: Assisting clients in choosing suitable land for construction by evaluating its Vastu compatibility based on factors such as shape, slope, and directional alignment.
  4. Energy Balancing: Providing solutions to balance the five elements within a space (earth, water, fire, air, and space) to create a harmonious and positive environment.
  5. Remedial Measures: Identifying and addressing existing Vastu imbalances through practical remedies, which may include structural adjustments, symbolic placements, or prescribed rituals.
  6. Commercial and Industrial Vastu: Applying Vastu principles to optimize the design and layout of commercial and industrial spaces for increased productivity and success.
  7. Institutional Vastu: Advising educational institutions, hospitals, and other public buildings to create environments that support learning, healing, and overall well-being.
  8. Astrological Vastu: Integrating astrological considerations, such as occupants’ birth charts, to fine-tune Vastu recommendations for personalized and effective results.
  9. Spiritual Space Design: Offering expertise in the design and construction of sacred spaces, such as temples, to enhance the spiritual energy and sanctity of the environment.
  10. Real Estate Vastu: Assisting real estate developers, agents, and homeowners in applying Vastu principles to enhance the market appeal and positive energy of properties.


Some of my common clients for Vastu  include:

  1. Homeowners: Individuals or families looking to enhance the energy flow and well-being within their homes by aligning with Vastu principles.
  2. Business Owners: Entrepreneurs and business leaders seeking to optimize their office or commercial space for improved productivity, success, and positive work environments.
  3. Real Estate Developers: Professionals involved in the construction and development of residential or commercial properties, aiming to integrate Vastu principles into their projects for increased market appeal.
  4. Architects and Interior Designers: Professionals in the field of architecture and interior design seeking Vastu expertise to incorporate harmonious design elements and layouts.
  5. Educational Institutions: Schools, colleges, and universities looking to create an optimal learning environment by applying Vastu principles to their campus design.
  6. Healthcare Facilities: Hospitals and wellness centers interested in utilizing Vastu to enhance the healing environment for patients and promote the well-being of healthcare practitioners.
  7. Religious Institutions: Temples, ashrams, and spiritual centers seeking guidance on constructing spaces that align with Vastu principles for spiritual harmony and positive energy.
  8. Corporate Clients: Large corporations and businesses interested in Vastu consultations for their headquarters, offices, or manufacturing units to improve overall efficiency and employee well-being.
  9. Individuals in Transition: Those undergoing major life changes such as marriage, career shifts, or relocation, seeking Vastu guidance for auspicious beginnings and a smooth transition.
  10. Event Planners: Professionals organizing events or ceremonies, looking to ensure that the chosen venue aligns with Vastu principles for a positive and successful gathering.
  11. Homebuyers and Sellers: Individuals in the process of buying or selling properties may consult a Vastu expert for advice on choosing or preparing a property in accordance with Vastu guidelines.

Vastu Expert Saket Bhatia is Different

While formal qualifications are essential, it’s the combination of knowledge, experience, and interpersonal skills that distinguishes an exceptional Vastu specialist in helping individuals create balanced, harmonious, and positive living and working spaces.

  1. Formal Education: I have A strong educational background in Vastu Shastrawhich provides a solid foundation for me to practice it.
  2. In-Depth Knowledge: I have a deep understanding of Vastu principles, including the classical texts, historical context, and the nuanced application of guidelines in various scenarios.
  3. Experience: Substantial practical experience in conducting Vastu consultations, analyzing diverse spaces, and implementing Vastu recommendations contributes to expertise. Real-world application enhances the specialist’s ability to address a wide range of situations.
  4. Problem-Solving Skills: I am adept at identifying imbalances in a space and providing practical and effective solutions. I possess problem-solving skills to address challenges in diverse environments.
  5. Communication Skills: Clear and effective communication to convey complex principles to clients and collaborate with architects, builders, and homeowners. Excellent interpersonal skills facilitate a productive client-specialist relationship.
  6. Attention to Detail: I pay meticulous attention to details in assessing a space, considering factors such as room placement, directional alignments, and energy flows. Precision is key to providing accurate and effective recommendations.
  7. Ethical Practice: A commitment to ethical conduct and integrity is essential. I prioritize the well-being of my clients, providing honest advice and transparent communication.
  8. Continuous Learning: I keep abreast of developments in Vastu Shastra, as well as related fields such as astrology and environmental psychology. I demonstrate a commitment to continuous learning and staying updated on emerging trends.


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