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Renowned Celebrity Astrologer Dr. Saket Bhatia has is a top rated astrologer, and numerologist. He is a Board Member at the International Association of Vedic Astrology & Numerology. He is also a PhD in Astrology amd Vastu expert. He is a rare gem who can combine astrology and numerolog for life coaching to improve your life and get you success.
Saket has helped guide 12,000 clients through life’s challenges for over 25 years. Select clients include Smriti Irani, Akshay Kumar, Vidya Balan, Kajol, Kartik Aryan, CEO’s & politicians. He specializes in career, health, finance, business, relationship, compatibility, family, children, immigration & more. The Astrologer Saket Bhatia radio show is heard by over 1 Million listeners throughout USA weekly .
Saket has a PhD in Electrical Engineering an is the founder of two bay area startups.

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Are you ready to embark on a transformative journey towards personal growth and fulfillment? As a dedicated life coach, I am thrilled to offer you a complimentary 15-minute consultation to explore how we can work together to achieve your goals and aspirations.

During this session, we will have the opportunity to get to know each other, discuss your unique needs and challenges, and assess if we are a good fit.

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If you are ready to unlock your true potential and embrace a path of fulfillment and success, take advantage of the free 15-minute consultation. As a life coach, my mission is to empower and uplift individuals like you, helping you tap into your strengths, navigate life’s uncertainties, and create a life that aligns with your values and aspirations. Whether you are seeking clarity in your career, relationships, or personal development, this consultation serves as a valuable stepping stone towards a brighter and more fulfilling future. Together, we will explore the possibilities and embark on a transformative coaching journey tailored to your unique needs and aspirations.

In this no-obligation consultation, I will actively listen to your story, dreams, and aspirations. We will explore the areas of your life where you seek guidance and support, whether it’s career transitions, relationships, personal development, or overall life balance

This initial conversation is designed to establish a strong foundation of trust and understanding. Together, we will determine if my Astro Numero™ Life Coaching approach aligns with your needs and if we can create a dynamic partnership to unlock your full potential. Let’s embark on this journey together and take the first step towards a life of purpose, fulfillment, and personal empowerment.

Book your complimentary consultation today and let’s explore the possibilities that lie ahead!

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How Astro Numero Life Coaching Works

Astro Numero™ Life Coaching is a collaborative and transformative process that empowers individuals to reach their full potential and achieve their personal goals. I act as your supportive partner, guiding you through self-discovery, goal-setting, and action planning. Through active listening and thought-provoking questioning, I help you identify your values, strengths, and areas for improvement.

Together, we create a clear vision for the future and develop actionable steps to overcome obstacles and achieve success. Astro Numero™ Life Coaching fosters self-awareness, boosts confidence, and encourages accountability, allowing you to make meaningful and sustainable changes in various aspects of their lives.

“Empower Your Life, Unleash Your Potential: Astro Numero™ Life Coaching for Transformation and Success for a Happier Tomorrow & A Better, More Fulfilling Life.”

How Astro Numero™ Life Coaching Works

As an Astro Numero™ Life Coach I possesses a unique blend of expertise in both Astrological interpretations and Numerological insights. By combining these two powerful disciplines, I have the potential to truly transform your life. Here is how I can make a significant impact:

  1. Personalized Guidance: I start by analyzing your birth chart and numerological profile to gain deep insights into your unique personality traits, strengths, weaknesses, and life purpose. With this personalized information, I can provide guidance tailored specifically to you.
  2. Self-Discovery and Awareness: Through Astrology and Numerology, unravel the hidden aspects of your psyche and bring about a greater understanding of your life’s journey. By exploring the symbolism and patterns inherent in your Astrological birth chart and Numerological calculations, you can gain valuable self-awareness and tap into your untapped potential.
  3. Identifying Life Patterns: Astrology and Numerology unveil patterns that exist in your life, such as recurring challenges, relationships, and career choices. I am adept in these areas can identify these patterns and help you break free from negative cycles. This newfound awareness allows you to make conscious choices that align with your desired outcomes.
  4. Goal Setting and Action Plans: With a deep understanding of your Astrological and Numerological influences, I can assist you in setting meaningful goals and creating actionable plans. I help you align your intentions with the cosmic energies and numerological vibrations, increasing the likelihood of success in various aspects of your life.
  5. Timing and Decision Making: Astrology and Numerology provide insights into favorable periods and cycles in your life. I guide you in leveraging these cosmic and numerical influences to make important decisions, initiate new ventures, or navigate challenging times with greater clarity and confidence.
  6. Spiritual and Personal Growth: An Astrology and Numerology life coach understands that true transformation extends beyond material success. With me you can explore the spiritual aspects of your life and guide you in cultivating mindfulness, self-acceptance, and personal growth. This unique approach facilitates a deeper connection with yourself and the universe.As an Astro Numero™ Life Coach I am uniquely equipped to offer personalized guidance, foster self-discovery, identify life patterns, assist in goal setting, optimize decision-making, and facilitate spiritual growth. By harnessing the power of Astrology and Numerology, I have the potential to profoundly transform your life and empower you to live a more fulfilling and purposeful existence.

Is Astro Numero™ Life Coaching Right For You

An Astro Numero™ Life Coach I work with a diverse range of clients who are interested in integrating astrology into their personal growth and coaching journey. These individuals have a curiosity and openness towards understanding themselves and their lives through the lens of astrology. They seek a life coach to gain deeper insights into their personality traits, strengths, and challenges as revealed in their birth chart.

I support clients who are seeking guidance in various areas, such as relationships, career choices, personal development, and life transitions and provide guidance, insights, and practical strategies to navigate their lives more consciously and purposefully. Below is a list of clients I currently help.

Businesses owners and CEO’s, Established entrepreneurs or aspiring start-ups, Film and entertainment industry, Branding services, Real estate industry, Food, restaurant, organic industries, Automobile industry, Fashion, beauty industries, PR industry, Finance & trading industries, Jewellery industries, Education sector, Media industry, Internet, software industries, etc.

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