Dr. Saket Bhatia’s life coaching sessions
guide individuals towards profound self-discovery
enpowered decision making and
lasting personal and professional fulfillment

Life Coaching

Guiding You to Happiness and Fulfillment

My life coaching methodology is a unique and innovative approach which combines the wisdom of astrology and numerology with the principles of life coaching. By blending these powerful methodologies, you can gain profound insights into their personality traits, life purpose, strengths, and challenges.

By combining astrology & numerology, life coaching helps you navigate life’s complexities, make informed decisions, and identify opportunities for growth and fulfillment. By understanding the interplay of planets and numerical patterns, you gain clarity on your life’s path, relationships, and career choices.

This unique approach empowers you to tap into your full potential, overcome obstacles, and lead a more purposeful and harmonious life.

What is Life Coaching

In the realm of life coaching, the fusion of Astrology and Numerology becomes a powerful tool. Furthermore, it serves as a reminder of your purpose and innate gifts, guiding you to connect with your inner wisdom.

Awareness of current and future events empowers you to make necessary changes. My purpose is to facilitate the realization of your desires in your career, relationships, and personal life.

The frequency of sessions is tailored to your needs and motivation for change. Whether you prefer an annual update or weekly guidance, the choice is yours. Additionally, sessions can be conducted in person, over the phone, or through a video call.

After our initial session, you’ll gain a clear understanding of your issues, as well as the necessary skills and changes needed for a happier, more rewarding life.

Subsequently, together, we create a personalized plan to navigate your journey, ensuring you live authentically, at ease, and illuminated with purpose.

Benefits of Life Coaching

Life coaching helps you clarify your goals and create a detailed roadmap to achieve them. By gaining self-awareness, you understand your strengths and weaknesses, enabling you to make informed and confident decisions. This clarity is essential for setting and reaching personal and professional milestones.

Enhancing your personal and professional relationships is another key benefit of life coaching. With expert guidance, you can improve communication, understand compatibility, and foster stronger connections. Better relationships lead to a more fulfilling and balanced life.

Effective stress management and time management are also crucial aspects of life coaching. Learn techniques to manage stress, maintain emotional resilience, and optimize your time for increased productivity. These skills help you maintain a balanced and healthy lifestyle.

Overall, life coaching supports continuous personal growth and fulfillment. It empowers you to overcome obstacles with confidence, boosting your career and personal development. With ongoing guidance, you can achieve lasting success and happiness.

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Book Complementary 15 Minute LIfe Coaching Session

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Experience the transformative power of life coaching with a complimentary 15-minute session by Dr. Saket Bhatia. This introductory session offers personalized insights into your challenges and goals, helping you uncover immediate strategies for improvement. Gain a glimpse of how astrology and numerology can guide your decisions and enhance your personal and professional life. Take the first step towards lasting success and fulfillment—schedule your free session today!

The completmentary 15 minute life coaching appointment will be conducted via Zoom or phone call.

Once you book, our office will reach out to coordinate a convenient date and time for your personalized session.

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People often inquire about coaching when they are facing a big challenge or a big change in their personal or professional lives. What, specifically, has prompted you to inquire about coaching at this time?

In this no-obligation life coaching consultation, I will actively listen to your story, dreams, and aspirations. We will explore the areas of your life where you seek guidance and support, whether it’s career transitions, relationships, personal development, or overall life balance

This initial conversation is designed to establish a strong foundation of trust and understanding. Together, we will determine if my coaching approach aligns with your needs and if we can create a dynamic partnership to unlock your full potential. Let’s embark on this journey together and take the first step towards a life of purpose, fulfillment, and personal empowerment.

If you are ready to unlock your true potential and embrace a path of fulfillment and success, take advantage of the free 15-minute consultation. As a life coach, my mission is to empower and uplift individuals like you, helping you tap into your strengths, navigate life’s uncertainties, and create a life that aligns with your values and aspirations. Whether you are seeking clarity in your career, relationships, or personal development, this consultation serves as a valuable stepping stone towards a brighter and more fulfilling future. Together, we will explore the possibilities and embark on a transformative coaching journey tailored to your unique needs and aspirations.



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