AstrologyStar Report


  • The Star Report walks you through what is most important about your astrology chart, step-by-step, just as you sat down together with me for your chart reading.
  • Star Report charts not only the outer circumstances of your birth (your personality and Karma), but also the internal and spiritual qualities embedded in that same moment, your inner motivation, what has been called your Dharma or Life Path. The result is an enhanced perspective that in effect amounts to a stereo image of your birth moment and chart, looking inside and out.
  • Star Report offers a very complete perspective on your birth moment, with insights into your natural talents and how those talents might be used.
    well as your relationship role with partners, romantic and otherwise.
  • Report is approximately 25 pages long and takes 2 hours to prepare.
  • Report will be emailed to you in PDF format within 2 business days.


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