In Vedic astrology, wearing gemstones enhances the positive influences of planets and bring balance to one’s life.

Gemstone Remedies in Vedic Astrology

Empower Your Life Through Celestial Gemstones

Gemstones hold significant importance in Vedic astrology as they are believed to embody the energies of specific planets. According to ancient wisdom, wearing the right gemstone can harmonize and strengthen the corresponding planetary influences in one’s birth chart. This practice aims to enhance positive qualities associated with each planet while alleviating negative influences, thereby promoting overall well-being and success in various aspects of life. Vedic astrologers prescribe gemstones based on an individual’s birth details, suggesting them as remedies to enhance health, career prospects, relationships, and spiritual growth. The careful selection and wearing of gemstones are considered a tangible and effective way to align with cosmic energies and optimize one’s destiny according to Vedic principles.

Gemstones in Vedic Astrology

Harness the power of planets to improve your life

Gemstones improve quality of life by balancing planetary energies, promoting well-being, and aligning individuals with favorable cosmic influences. They can enhance positive traits, attract abundance, and offer spiritual support, ultimately contributing to a more harmonious and fulfilling existence.

Body Part: Soul
Ruby gemstone is associated with the Sun, signifier of name, fame, success and health. It blesses the wearer with good health, courage, self-confidence, success, name and fame.
Body Part: Skin
Emerald gemstone is associated with Mercury, signifier of speech, humour, intelligence, logic and alertness. It blesses the wearer with intelligence, marketing and business skills.
Blue Sapphire
Body Part: Joints
Blue Sapphire gemstone is associated with Saturn, signifier of life, stability, ethics, justice, career, achievements. It blesses the wearer with wealth and status, property and hard work.
Body Part: Mind
Pearl gemstone is associated with Moon, signifier of softness, love, relationship, charming eyes and steady mind. With it the wearer is able to stay positive, focused, happy and content.
Yellw Sapphire
Body Part: Fat
Yellow Sapphire gemstone is associated with Jupiter, signifier of luck, wisdom, knowledge and children. It blesses the wearer with happy family, financial status, health, fame and honour.
Body Part: Internal organs
Hessonite gemstone is associated with Rahu, signifier of materialism, fame, and high worldly desires. It blesses the wearer with good luck, financial prosperity, and pleasures of the body.
Red Coral
Body Part: Blood
Red coral gemstone is associated with Mars, signifier of action, courage, logic,energy, vitality, and ambition . With it the wearer is able to be a leader and commander in turbulent times.
Body Part: Face
Diamond gemstone is associated with Venus, signifier of spouse and business partnership. It blesses the wearer with power, position, authority, money, wealth and, success in career.
Cats Eye
Body Part: Stomach
Cats Eye gemstone is associated with Ketu, signifier of spirituality, detachment and patience. It blesses the wearer with wealth and prosperity, kindness, creativity and good luck.


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